A piece of forniture must be thought in the shape, the matter, the quality.
Because must live a long time...

Founded in 1880, the company Ampelio Gorla Arredamenti has always believed in the values of a tradition closely linked to craftsmanship.

Indeed, although the company has adapted to today’s need for modern technologies to be used for the structural part of furniture, it leaves space for the human touch, its skill and its creativity, as far as the finishes, the details, decorations and above all the inlays are concerned.

These phases of workmanship, so different and yet so closely connected, make up the journey of a piece of furniture, from its beginnings with the choice of the right wood, which is selected and seasoned, right up to the final touch of polish before it is delivered to the client.

Respect towards the client and towards family and company tradition has always defined the choices made by Ampelio Gorla Arredamenti: this, indeed is the philosophy of a company with over 120 years of experience which sets itself high standards of quality, guaranteeing a product that is well-made both in technical and design terms.

These choices have always set apart the artisans’ workshops that have long been the pride of the city of Cantù and which represent a valuable heritage that should be safeguarded.